How Indeed Path Works

Indeed Path is a tool to help job seekers visualize career paths. Simply enter your current job, the job you want, or both to see the paths other people took to get there.

Where does the career path data come from?

Indeed has a talent database of nearly 25 million resumes in the United States. We take the information from the job titles listed within these resumes to discover the most common paths between jobs. That means the career paths you see are built using real-world experience from actual people.

Is Indeed Path available everywhere?

Path is currently in testing mode, using data from the US only. We are continually looking at ways to improve the functionality of Path, including adding data from more countries.

What if my job isn't listed?

While Path offers thousands of jobs to search, not every role is listed just yet. If you can't find the job you are searching for, it may mean we don't have enough data on that job. Try searching for a similar role, if possible.

Where can I give feedback?

We are always looking for ways to improve Indeed Path. If you have feedback, please email us at